ioftheTigress FAQ’s (Fat Acceptance Quickies)

iofthetigress Fat Acceptance Quickies

F.A.Q. usually stands for Frequently Asked Question(s).

But not up in here (NOT up in here)!

IoftheTigress F.A.Q.’s are Fat Acceptance Quickies. These posts are quick food for thought entries or heads up about some cool size acceptance stuff posts perfectly suited for those days when I don’t have time to write a full article or you don’t have time to read one (or both). Some will be developed later into longer pieces with more research. Others will simply highlight a particular idea of the moment,and let you take it from there.

I’ll post a couple per week. Stay tuned!

Got an FAQ of your own? Message me on Facebook (iofthetigress) and your guest FAQ may be included here in the future!