FATACTCON 2015 – The I of the Tigress Top Ten Fatshion as Activism Tips

  1. Give yourself permission to wear what you like (AKA turn off your GAF).
  2. You can paint a barn black, and it’ll still be a barn (it’s better to look big and fabulous than slim and boring)
  3. Your size is whatever size fits your body.
  4. Don’t be afraid of the skinny girl store
  5. Put your money where your fat is
  6. Support those who support your rolls
  7. Bleep the haters and the trolls
  8. Take lots of selfies
  9. Give yourself a theme (but don’t force your theme on anyone else)
  10. Hot glue gun and a dream!

FatActCon 2015 – Fatshion as Activism (Pics and Notes)

It’s my pleasure to be a presenter at the 2nd Annual Fat Activism Conference. Here are a few notes, links, and pics to go along with my presentation.

This pic is what I’m wearing today. I’m doing double-duty, so while I’m presenting and chatting with you all, I’m also working my day job in reservations and marketing at AsiaSF (San Francisco’s world famous transgender dinnershow). This is me in the nightclub at AsiaSF. In keeping with one of my fatshion tips below, today’s theme was “Recyle the Dress You Wore for Last Year’s FatActCon.” So, this year, I pulled it down and wore is as a pencil skirt, topped it with a t from one of my favorite local designers (Yogi of Big Ol Pretty Girls), and broke out my bumbleebee platform heels (which were last worn the first time I performed at Big Moves annual size positive dance show a few years ago).  Because the nightclub is a much more interesting backdrop, I took the pic there instead of at my desk, where I’m listening along with y’all.

fat act con outfit

This is me in the “tutu situation” and Oscar the Grouch t-shirt that I mentioned. The green heels are detailed with pink-and-black-zebra duct tape, and I am so mad I didn’t do a close up of the shoes!

oscar the grouch


Here are a few things I mentioned in my talk that might be of interest to you:

  • Full Figure Entertainment (my nightclub promotion organization)
  • FFE Models (the ladies who’ve represented FFE over the years)
  • Virgie Tovar’s Hot and Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love and Fashion (my piece is “BBW Party”)
  • Eliza Parker (where I was a fit model)
  • Desmond Rogers Photography (the official photographer of Full Figure Entertainment)
  • My appearance on The Doctors
  • The O Magazine crop top controversy (article by Jes Baker)

Designers and boutiques that deserve shoutouts (and the list goes on…)