Welcome to ioftheTigress

i of the tigress

Welcome to I of the Tigress!

I’ve been using “Eye of the Tigress” or some variation of that as on online identity off and on for years.  I’ve also been singing “Eye of the Tiger” — amended to “Tigress,” of course– to myself for years.  When you grow up with a name like Tigress, you hear a lot of name jokes, ranging from the sibling-named-Cheetah variety to the oh-I-thought-it-was-Tigris-so-sibling-named-Euphrates variety.  You also get a lot of tiger and Tigger gifts. I like tigers and Tigger, so this is not a bad thing 🙂

When I decided to launch a site where I could share some thoughts about size, pop culture, diversity, and feminism, eyeofthetigress.com was my first choice. But it was someone else’s first choice, too. (It’s someone with a very different perspective on bodies and health than my own. I won’t link to it, but if you choose to check it out, have fun with that).

Instead of abandoning the idea completely, I settled on I of the Tigress because the I perspective is really what this site is about. I’ve spent most of my professional life as an educator, and I’ve spent most of my personal life on a journey to size acceptance for myself and others. Over the last few years, that journey involved starting a plus-sized nightclub promotion (Full Figure Entertainment) and getting deeper and deeper into activism and advocacy for issues relating to size and body image. Fashion is part of the fun part of size acceptance for me. Feminism is part of the essential belief system of my life. Thus, fat, fashion and feminism as the focus points of this site.



P.S. Oh, there’ll be other stuff, too. I won’t be able to stop myself.



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