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My Body Love Conference Workshop Proposal

The 2nd Annual Body Love Conference is open for registration.

I really wanted to go the conference last year, but I couldn’t afford the trip myself and I couldn’t convince my then-employer to pay my way. This year, my plan is to go even if it means collecting aluminum cans for recycling. (Universe, please guide me toward a better plan, but if it comes to that…)

I also plan to present at the conference this year. I say “plan to” in the spirit of “name it and claim it,” because I have applied to present but I haven’t been selected yet. I won’t know until January 1 if I have been chosen. Applicants submitted proposals in October. Some of us were invited to submit follow-up videos this month. I finished mine yesterday. Boy, is it hard to get everything you want to say about what your passionate about into a 2 minute video! Whew!

body love conference proposal still shot

I want to thank everyone who encouraged me to apply for this opportunity. There are a bunch of amazing presenters who are already slated, so I know it’s going to be a fantastic conference no matter which other finalists are ultimately chosen to present. Best wishes to all who applied!

If you’re hoping to attend the conference but it seems like it’s out of your budget, please do check out their payment plan and scholarship options to see if you can make it work. I hope to see you in Tucson!